Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spain Wins World Cup!

Congratulations to Spain for winning the 2010 World Cup held at South Africa. This is the first time that a Euro champion won the World Cup at the same year.

Below is a celebratory smooch between Iker Casillas and her girlfriend Sara Carbonero which earlier in the tournament was being blamed for their loss to Switzerland.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Chris Colfer's Ninja Skills

Who would have known that the soft spoken actor on Glee is a Ninja in disguise? Raphael to be precise. Just look at the reaction of his co-star Matthew Morisson (Mr. Will Schuester)

Monday, May 10, 2010

May 2010 Presidential Elections

How was your experience with the new electoral process? For me it was definitely a change from what I am used to. It took me 2 hours with the waiting and filling up the ballot. We'll mostly waiting for my turn ate up most of 2 hours. For the past years, it took me just 15mins tops to look for my polling precinct to dropping my ballot to the box.

The atmosphere near my place was quite festive. I felt that a lot of people voted this year. Of course there were a lot of posters of candidates everywhere. A lot of garbage.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Vice Presidents

The Vice Presidential race is as important as the Presidential race. Why? If something happens (knock on wood) to the winner. The lucky VP will take over. Remember Edsa 2? Who would you choose?

Mar Roxas. Belonging to a clan of former President Manuel Roxas, he served as secretary of trade under President Estrada. He did well during his term. He then became a senator. His initial plan was to run for the presidency. After former president Aquino succumbed to cancer, Noynoy laid his plans to run for office. Mr Roxas then gave way for Noynoy. I would imagine Korina's disbelief. A cunning way of using the aura of the Aquino's to help him win the vice presidential seat in a dominating fashion.

Loren Legarda. She shifted to Villar's camp (whom at one point served as his antagonist) after NPC chose Chiz Escudero as their standard bearer. She also reacted when Chiz withdrew his bid. I have no idea what good she has done but we know her reputation as being a political prostitute.

Jejomar Binay. He and his family has a strong grip over Makati. He had infrastructures and programs executed in Makati. Once an avid supporter of Cory Aquino, he is rumored to support her son. For a city who has one of the highest income considering its size still is poor and the tall buildings serve as cover for its true condition.

Bayani Fernando. This eccentric candidate is a Civil Engineer. His background in construction and engineering served him well as DPWH and MMDA chairman. Not a favorite among the squatters and vendors whom he removed from their illegal posts.

My choice, the unfavorite one. Bayani Fernando. A man of action and his no nonsense attitude will help us. The four mentioned names are based on "popular" candidates and track record.

For those who are not sold with Gibo... I respect that, but do not put your votes to waste... choose Gordon as an alternative... Like I said to one of my staff when I was asked why , "wala sa kung sa mananalo o hindiprinsipyo nalang".... Gordon said the same... Leadership, wala sa kung sino ang mga magulang mo...

It is already May and elections is a little over a week away. My vote since the start of the year is reserved for Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro.

I have my process of elimination. Let us try to run it now shall we?

Let us start with Noynoy Aquino. Son of the late Ninoy Aquino and the late Cory Aquino. These are two have proven to be leaders, well Ninoy is still way better than Cory but that does not mean that she did nothing. Well, she is credited for bringing down the strongman Ferdinand Marcoss. A feat which she accomplished after her husband successfully awaken the people and through the Catholic church. She also build the fly-overs we see in Edsa. Which I feel should have gone to improving public transport such as railway system. In her administration, CARP was established. As for that land reform, that was about it. Blood has been spilled over that land. As for Noynoy, he was the former boyfriend of Korina Sanchez who happens to be the wife of his running mate, Mar Roxas. He is the brother of Kris Aquino. That is about it. I have more to say about him, but on another blog.

Manuel Villiar. Well, do you really want to consider him? His name being dragged into shady government deals. A business man, well a capitalist in all its bad form to be exact. He is the one that is turning farm lands into subdivisions. I am not buying into his platform. He will pull the country out of poverty because he has done it crap does not work on me.

Richard Gordon. This is a close second in my book for my vote. He is head on. I like what he did to Subic after the Americans left. The only issue is that he is as hard as a rock.

Erap Estrada. Do we really have to consider this guy??? Seriously?!?

That leaves me with Gibo, whose plan is more precise than the rest. His plans answers questions of the first to the 3rd degree. Not like we should follow the correct path or I will not steal crap! Everybody is telling that but how is what the people needs! The rest of the candidates, are not even worth mentioning.

How about you

I am happy for my folks that they are celebrating their 32nd anniversary together and in good health! They are in their 60's and I am happy that at this day and age they are able to reach that. Today happens to be Labor Day in the Philippines and 22 years ago we moved in to the house we are living in today!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Meralco Rate Hike Is Crazy!

Normally we get 7-8K on our electric bill. Being in a country where electricity ranks amongst the highest in Asia, this is above the normal bill of a regular home. Well we maintain a 1.5hp air-condition unit and those living inside is as big as two and a half family.

We got our bill this April and it stretch up to more than 11K! 11K! This is more than the previous summers....way more! Makes me think that the extra peso that we are shelling out is being used for the Lopezes' pet candidate Noynoy! I am for another candidate which I would write about on another blog.

But to Meralco, up yours!

Now I am wishing more we have nuclear power present.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Electric Boogaloo

I have enjoyed videos made by Steve Nash or those in which he appeared. Most are very funny. I got this of Ball Don't Lie. Made by probably Leandro Barbosa you guys decide what you think of it...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Other side of Dick Gordon

This is a great break from the ads that we see on the elections. I had a great time watching this one, more than once. Good to see Mr. Gordon goofing around once in a while.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I know that this is way too late for a new year post but better late than never!

It has been a rough 3 months for me since Dec of 09 until Feb of 10. I lost my grandmother last Dec 18. That was heavy for us since she lived with us and I was the one with her when I brought her to the ER and until she expired.

Two of our friends lost a parent in the 3 months that I have mentioned.

For this year, we started our diving lessons. Me and my wife already had our check out dive at Anilao. Unfortunately she has to do a remedial and we are still to take our exam. Unfortunately during the last part of Feb, her mother suffered her 2nd stroke. She had to be taken care of and our certification is on hold.

We also have our planned Davao outing which is on hold this March. This turns out as a good thing as we are suffing from the effects of the El Nino. Davao is a really hot place, more so during summer.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Shaq Doing Wrestling

This one is funny and even funnier I reckon if you have seen the entire episode. But I hope you will enjoy this.